Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Silverzone Pass and Arnold's Loop Eastern Nevada Part 2 May 2013

                   Westbound coal train from rock outcrop

Location: Silverzone Pass is located about 20 miles west of West Wendover, Nevada, on Interstate 80. Depending on which part of the pass you want to photograph you can get off 80 at the Pilot Valley Exit or go over the pass and get off at the Shafter Exit. Please be advised that a four wheel drive car is a must because each road is rough.

The last couple of months I have spent many days photographing the old Western Pacific (now Union Pacific) from various vantage points. My March 8, 2013, post showed photos from three different locations: at a rock cut, grade crossing and near the top of the pass. This post shows trains on the famous Arnold's Loop as well in the Pilot Valley from a rock outcrop way above. This line is tricky to photograph because of inconsistent traffic levels. You can go for hours without seeing anything and then have three trains in quick succession. I would suggest having a radio scanner or leaving West Wendover, Nevada, when a train is heading west. Even if you only see one train the scenery in the Toano Mountains is fantastic and wildlife is abundant.

                                Great photo of coal drag heading toward loop

                        One of my favorite pictures. The train is on the upper track having already gone around  the loop.

                    Headlights at rock outcrop

                  Westbound petroleum train at the loop

                           Tank cars in the loop

                                       Loaded coal train heading west at the loop

                          Cool picture late in the day

                               Manifest heading west. Love this picture because of the surrounding desert and the American flag on the Locomotives.

                        Fantastic graffiti on Hopper Car

                           Moth in the desert

                          My sidekick Nevada chilling with Pilot Range in background

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