Monday, April 21, 2014

Davis- Monthan Thunder and Lightening Air Show Tucson, Arizona April 12, 2014

                         Will Allen Flying Tenor

April 12 and 13 Davis-Monthan Air Base opened their gates for the Thunder and Lightening Air Show. This was a way for the base to say thank you to the community as well as for Tucson to say thank you to the airmen who keep the nation safe. Performers included the US Airforce Thunderbirds, US AirForce Parachute Team, Desert Lightening Team, P-51 and B-25 among many others. On April 12 the wind was gusting over 40 mph making for tough flying conditions. In the afternoon the Thunderbirds and the parachute team couldn't perform. Despite the cancellation of two acts Tara, Quintin and I still saw great demonstrations and planes.

                                                Will Allen Flying Tenor

                         Kent Pietsch flyin Jelly Bean

               B-25 Mitchell

                         B-25 and P-51

                      Desert Rat Warbirds

                                              Desert Rat Warbirds

                              Helicopters with the Lightening extraction team

                             Quintin and I with a helicopter

                                     In front of the A-10 one of favorites

                                        World War II troop transport