Sunday, May 24, 2015

Raptor Flight Program Sonoran Desert Museum Spring 2015

                 Harris hawk; photo taken by Tara Stauffer

The Raptor flight program at the Sonoran Desert Museum is one of my favorite shows in Tucson. Conducted at 10 and 2 the features raptors common throughout Arizona and the United States, If a visitor goes to both the morning and afternoon shows he or she will see 10 plus different animals in all. The raptors are not tethered but fly to different handlers and perches.They will fly so low that visitors are commonly buzzed adding to the excitement. The program features two species of raptors that are not commonly seen at shows: Harris hawk and Gray Hawk The Harris hawk is the only species of hawk that hunts in groups. The Gray hawk used to be critically endangered in Arizona before recovering to a population of 80. The shows run October through April and is part of a visitors' admission to the museum.

To view the photo full and be able to zoom in right click on the photo and choose open link in new tab.

                   Peregrine falcon

                                     Gray hawk

                       Harris hawk

                          Harris hawks

                          Great horned owl

                          Great horned owl

                             Red-tailed hawk

                             Red tail flying

                                              Barn owl

                                   Harris hawk; photo taken by Tara Stauffer