Friday, February 4, 2011

Blue Lake, Utah

The main scuba diving lake

Blue lake is a neat destination to the south of West Wendover, Nevada, on the border with Utah. I have visited Blue lake a number times; most recently last fall. The lake is an oasis in the middle of the Great Basin desert. The area has many upwelling geothermal springs which make the temperature of the water on the surface during the winter 70 degrees and and in the water 80 degrees. The main lake is a popular scuba diving area because it is only 60 feet and warm making it a good area for beginners and amatuers. The area is very pretty but there is trash in places making it less than pristine. Remember to clean up after yourself.

Directions: To get to Blue lake take US 93 south from West Wendover for 15 miles. Look for a sign at a dirt road on the left side of 93. The dirt road is drivable to passenger cars in dry weather; however, watch for wash boarding and bumps.

The area is bordered by the Utah test and Training Range. I originally thought the area was no longer active but it is; so stay behind the warning signs around Blue lake.

Another pic showing the lake with surrounding desert