Monday, August 9, 2010

Soldier Creek Hike August 6, 2010

Above Robinson lake in the Ruby Mountains of Nevada

Location: To get to Soldier Creek take State Route 227 south of Elko towards Lamoille Canyon. Near the main canyon take a left towards the town of Lamoille, Nevada, (the turn is well signed). Drive straight through the picturesque town of Lamoille until you reach a crossroads. Turn left and follow the gravel and oil road nine miles to the turnoff for Soldier Creek. The road crosses private road for the first two miles and into the canyon. Two miles later is the Soldier Creek trailhead.
The Hike:The first two miles of the hike follows Soldier Creek up Soldier Canyon. The trail is rocky and muddy in places so watch your footing. The canyon is the only place a hiker has shade from the Nevada sun. Today the canyon was very picturesque with Fireweed blooming, rock walls, and a beautiful creek. After two miles the trail reaches the beginning of Soldier Basin which is treeless and meadowy. Today I saw an explosion of Larkspur and Paintbrush along the trail which made for a beautiful hike. After about mile and a half of hiking in the basin the trail for Krenka Creek goes to the left. Continuing another two miles a hiker will get into the main part of the basin with Hidden lakes, Soldier lake, and Robinson Lake as possible destinations. Robinson lake is the farthest from the trailhead at about five miles.
The trail in the canyon

Pack animals grazing near Robinson lake

Trail with Soldier Peak in the background

Soldier lake with surrounding vegetation

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