Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hike in the Northern part of Toano Mountains, Nevada April 20, 2013

                            Looking west toward the Pequop Mountains

Location: For this hike I am not going to give precise location information. What I am willing to say is that it is to the north of the Shafter exit on Interstate 80 in eastern Nevada. The exit is approximately 30 minutes west of West Wendover, Nevada. To explore this country you will need a vehicle with high clearance.

The hike: I hiked approximately 4-5 miles off trail through Pinyon pine with my dog Nevada. The hike required scrambling over rocks, and crawling along the ground. I found this hike fun and challenging because it required route finding skills. To do off-trail hiking it is necessary to have common sense and not climb any rock you cannot get down. Most parts of Nevada are remote and if you get hurt help is far away. On this blog I have included some of my favorite pictures from the trip.

                                   Looking north in the Toano Mountains

                          Impressive country; looking south.

            Nevada hiking 

                                  Pilot Peak and rock formations