Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Speed Week August 13-19 2011

Directions: The Bonneville Salt Flats are located four miles off Interstate 80 east of Wendover, Utah, and about 110 miles west of Salt Lake City. At the gas station directly off the interstate is a good mexican restaurant called the Salt Flats Cafe.

History and Information: For much of prehistoric time Nevada and Utah was covered by a large inland sea called Lake Bonneville. About 14,500 yga (years ago) much of the lake released through Red Rock pass in Idaho leaving behind 1,000s of acres of salt flats. Today the remnant salt flats are great for breaking land speed records. The most popular event is Speed Week when 100s of drivers from around the world attempt to break records. A spectator can see motorcycles, pick ups, roadsters and streamliners on the salt flats. Each driver competes in categories depending on the type of vehicle they drive and the size of their engine.
In my opinion, the starting line is the best because the viewer can see the car up close. Further down the track you see cars going their fastest but spectators are miles away. The following photographs represent some of my favorites from the days I spent watching the races.

One of my favorite streamliner

Many of the race cars require push vehicles because their gears do not work at lower speeds.