Sunday, April 10, 2011

Currie, Nevada February 20, 2011

Sign on old Currie depot

Directions: Currie, Nevada, is located 53 miles on US 93 south of Wells, Nevada. When I visited Currie, the only gas station in town looked like it had closed; so, it is advisable to have a full tank of gas and drinks in your car. Remember the distances between towns in Nevada is far and there are often times no services ro cell phone service. This is one of many blog posts on the Nevada Northern in Eastern Nevada. (To view previous posts look at Cobre, Cherry Creek, Polar Express).

History: The town formed in 1906 as a stop on the Nevada Northern Railway. The first passenger train came in May of the same year. With passenger service, the town would grow as a transportation and livestock hub of Nevada. Four years later in 1910 the town was in its heyday. It boasted hotels, a saloon, school, store and post office. It expanded again when 93 was paved.

Currie would decline in 1941 because of a loss in passenger and mail service. As a result, citizens left town. Freight train service continued until 1980 when the line was abandoned (Information from Old Heart of Nevada: Ghost towns and Historical areas of Elko, County By: Shawn Hall).

Nevada walking on old Nevada Northern tracks

Abandoned tracks heading south through the desert

Old school in town

A look at the tracks with the depot on the left