Monday, May 17, 2010

Toano Range Exploration

On May 9, 2010, I drove my Camery South of West Wendover to explore the Toano Range. The Toano Range reaches a height of 7900 feet and it extends North and South of Silverzone Pass in Northeastern Nevada. I left Wendover and drove South approximately 15 miles on 93 South towards Ely. I then turned onto an improved dirth road West towards the range. I drove about 15 miles into the foothills until it became obvious my car would have trouble on the rougher two track. Taking my pack, I traveled cross crountry to log a cache. The country consisted of sagebrush and rugged rocky terrain. Leaving the cache, I hiked back to the ATV track and further into the mountains. Three miles later I decided to play around in some rock formations in the Bluebell Study Area.
Rate Area

-Very good off-road vehicle area

-Study areas have neat areas for exploration

Leppy Hills Geocaching

On May 8, 2010, my fiancee Tara and I left mid morning to find two isolated caches in the Leppy Hills. The Leppy Hills are a range directly to the North of Wendover with a top elevation near 7,000 feet. The area is also a major off road vehicle area in eastern Nevada. We drove on a road that extends over the range to Montello, Nevada. The first cache we located was called Hawk's Rest which was a short mile hike up an ATV track. After logging the cache, we drove further up the canyon until the road became to rough for a two wheel drive car. From the car to the cache (McAndrew Big and Tasty) was 1 mile. Not a long distance but some beautiful desert country.