Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Esperero Trail Sabino Canyon, Arizona September 22, 2013

                The foothills of the Catalina Mountains

On Sunday I returned to Sabino Canyon earlier in the day to hike on the Esperero Canyon Trail. Even though the temperature was cooler at 95 degrees I still had to bring four liters of water. (I suggest carrying allot of water even on short hikes in the desert. In the dry air and heat it is easy to become dehydrated). This trail is easy to follow yet very rocky in places. Overall I hiked over six miles and will definitely be back.

The Esperero Trail follows the main trail from the Visitor's Center and then within 0.2 miles branches of to the left ascending toward Upper Sabino Canyon Road.  After one mile the trail enters the Push Wilderness and follows the foothills of the Catalina Mountains climbing in and out of Bird and Rattlesnake Canyons. This trail is easy to follow and beautiful. The views south and north are beautiful. The trail also has in my opinion one of the best displays of Sonoran vegetation near Tucson. There are dozens of picturesque Saguaro Cacti and Cholla Cacti. Other vegetation include Palo Verde and Prickly Pear Cacti. It is possible to connect into the whole trail system of the Catalina Mountains by hiking this trail. In the future I want to hike up Esperero Canyon and connect into Ventana Canyon. Special warning: Watch out for Mountain Lions around rock outcrops. If you see one back away, throw rocks and make yourself look big and formidable. Do not run. For in depth information on the location of Sabino Canyon in Tucson, Arizona, please consult my April 13, 2013 post on Bear Canyon.

                        Saguaro Cacti and sky

                        Dead Saguaro Cactus decomposing

                              Teddy Bear Cholla

                          A very picturesque Saguaro in Esperero Canyon

                             The beauty of Sabino Canyon late in the day