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Jukebox Cave Wendover, Utah May 14, 2013

                                     Petroglyph showing a person on horseback with a lance

Location: Jukebox Cave is located near Danger Cave in western Utah. Inquire at the Wendover Welcome Center for more detailed instructions on its location. Remember just like Danger Cave, Jukebox Cave has an iron gate in front of it. A short steep trail takes visitors up to the cave entrance. This trail is steep and rocky so watch your step.

Jukebox has an interesting history. The Desert Archaic People lived in the cave 8000 to 2000 years ago. They lived in the cave because of its location near Lake Bonneville which supported a wide variety of wildlife.  Jennings and his team of archaeologists have uncovered many different artifacts including bones of animals, stone tools, and basketry. Unlike Danger Cave this cave has rock art which depicts people on horses with lances, and bows and arrows. In 1943, soldiers at the Wendover Air Base constructed a concrete dance floor. For many years serviceman and women came up here to dance at night.

Sadly, vandalism and funding have been problematic. In the cave someone spray painted over one of the petroglyphs ruining it. Visitors have also dug underneath the dance floor and in other parts of the cave hoping to find artifacts. With this gate vandalism has come to a halt. Second, funding for state parks in the state has been cut drastically. As a result, Utah has not been able to put up more informative signs on the grounds, create a good trail up to the cave or been able to offer regular tours.  (Information from Utah State Parks brochure).

                 My favorite petroglyph. Shows an individual on horseback hunting Bighorn Sheep. 

                    Closer look at individual on horseback

               Looking outside the cave

                     Looking east toward the Salt Flats from the cave entrance

                               Cave entrance

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