Saturday, March 23, 2013

Memorial to the completion of the Transcontinental Telephone Line Wendover, Utah

                                     The original telephone poll on the border

For a small town West Wendover and Wendover, Utah, have a significant amount of history. On this blog I have posts on the Wendover Airbase, California Trail and Pony Express. (The Pony Express didn't come through town but 50 miles to south). This post is dedicated to an overlooked memorial near the Montego Casino commemorating the completion of the first Transcontinental Telephone Line in 1914.

                                Plaque giving history on the event

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Leppy Peak Hike Eastern Nevada March 16, 2013


Location and hike: The Leppy Hills are located to the north of West Wendover. This range is overlooked because it has sparse vegetation and travelers want to hike other more picturesque ranges. However, on my various hikes I have seen great views, caves, interesting rock formations and Bighorn Sheep. A hiker has to be willing to hike off-trail or on ATV trails not on traditional hiking trails.  Today I am hiking on the highest peak: Leppy Peak at almost 3,000 feet. It is impossible for me to describe the route because it is entirely off-trail.  Be careful when hiking off-trail and remember to use common sense. Today I was rewarded with watching eleven Desert Bighorn Sheep for over an hour. Enjoy some of my favorite pictures from the hike. It was amazing how nimble the sheep were on extremely rocky and steep terrain.

                                  Looking south from on the ridge of Leppy Peak

                         Looking north toward Silverzone Pass

Friday, March 8, 2013

Silverzone Pass on the Union Pacific Eastern Nevada March 2013

                  A westbound Union Pacific grain train enters a rock cut on Silverzone Pass

On two seperate trips I explored various parts of Arnold's Loop on the Union Pacific to photograph trains climbing over the Toano Mountains in Eastern Nevada. The railroad gains elevation quickly by looping over itself. At my favorite spot an observor can see trains on two different levels. Most of the photos on this post come from my second trip when I chased three westbounds from West Wendover on Interstate 80. I love this area because you see trains, great scenery and wildlife. Remember to stay away from trains and carry provisions such as water. On this blog I have included my favorite pictures of the trains as well as a herd of deer.

                                Herd of mule deer

Another pic of deer
                                 Train on upper part of pass. It has already gone around the loop.

                                  UP grain train near siding at lower part of pass 

           Westbound climbing grade; if you look closely you can see the tracks on the upper side of        the hill to the right.

                               Same westbound at end of siding on lower part of loop

                            Chugging toward the rock outcrop

                          Lower tracks with train on upper part of hill after it has gone around loop