Friday, October 25, 2013

Helldorado Days Tombstone, Arizona October 20, 2013

                        Dancing to country music

Helldorado Days began as a celebration of Tombstone's 50th anniversary in 1929. The festival has occurred every year since. Events include skits conducted by street reenactment groups, dancing, a parade and live music. Many people also dress up in 19th century outfits with rifles or six shooters. Photos on this blog include reenactment groups from Tombstone, Wilcox and Yuma. For more information on Helldorado Days go to the Tombstone Chamber of Commerce Website. (Some information on this post from the website).
                           People dressed up in Tombstone. I guess remembering the good old days.

                     Two members of the Yuma Vigilantes

                                     Woman with the Yuma Vigilantes

                               Another skit by the Yuma Vigilantes

                     Tara got pulled in.

                                  Team from Wilcox, AZ
                      Tombstone reenactors

                     "The Cowboys"  depicting a shootout that occurred in 19th century Tombstone

Tumamoc Hill hike #2 Tucson, Arizona October 15, 2013

               Afternoon sun on Tucson and Catalinas in background

I originally hiked Tumamoc on September 24. The views were extraordinary and I did not notice the people on the trail.  I returned three weeks later to enjoy the sunset and desert evening. Enjoy my photographs. (For metadata information on the hike consult my September 24, 2013 post).

          Love this photo. The sun had just set below the ridge. Love the glow

  View south from top. Notice the Observation buildings and Ocotillos in the foreground.