Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Signal Hill Petroglyphs Saguaro National Park West November 3, 2013

                                          Rock art showing both abstract and representational forms

On Sunday I decided to return to Saguaro National Park to hike King Canyon. After stopping at the Red Hills Visitor Center, I decided to make my first stop at Signal Hill. Signal Hill is the biggest petroglyph site in the park. It is believed that the Hohokam created the petroglyphs during the time period AD 300 to 1400. Both abstract and representational designs are seen at Signal Hill. Abstract art includes spirals and curvilinear lines while representational art includes human, animal and plant designs.

The Signal Hill is located off of Golden Gate Road approximately four miles near Sandario Road in the western edge of the park. The trail to see the petroglyphs is one mile round trip with 30 feet of elevation gain. Remember to stay on the trail and do not desecrate the art. While walking watch out for rattlesnakes in the area. (Information from the National Park Service).

                      This looks like a Bighorn sheep.

                    Spiral with Tucson Mountains in the background.

                                                  Wild animal can't tell species.

                                     Neat picture of rocks with the art.

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