Saturday, September 18, 2010

Belmont Mill, Nevada August 24, 2010

Falling down building with Belmont Mill in background

Location: The mill at Belmont is located below Hamilton. From Hamilton follow the road back from where you came a couple of miles and turn left at fork. A sign will show the turnoff. The mill is five miles down a good dirt road. Be careful to avoid rocks in a few places. Remember this is an isolated area: bring water and have a spare tire

History: I have not been able to find any information on how long this mill was in operation but, one can surmise that the mill operated predominately during the Treasure Hill silver boom. Ore cars used gravity to travel down from mines higher in the hills.
Cables coming down from higher in the hills

Cool photo of collapsing building with mill

Inside mill

Some of the machinery inside the mill

Train tracks going into the mill

Another look at the mill

Staircase leading into the upper part of the mill

Ore bucket hanging underneath the mill


  1. A couple corrections for you. The photo of the "Ore bucket" hanging underneath the mill is not an ore bucket. That box is full of rocks and is used a weight to add tension to the cables running up the mountain, thus preventing excessive sag in the lines. Second, the ore carts did not rely on gravity to move down the mountain. Up at the top of the mountain, where the cables end, you'll find a drive house with drive gears, a clutch, and the foundations where a large steam engine sat to drive the cables.