Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tucson Hullabaloo Festival April 5, 2014

                                            Love the colors

Over the last five years th city of Tucson has made a concerted effort to create more of a sense of community. This has been accomplished through numerous avenues including the revitalization of downtown with the new trolley set to open as well as the creation of festivals throughout the year. In early April I attended the inaugural Hullabaloo and Cyclovia downtown at Armory Park. The festival's mission statement is the "Celebration of community in a responsible and fun atmosphere for everyone." Activities included a big kids area with bounce houses and slides, live music, local food and micro brews from Arizona. On Sunday five miles of roads in downtown were cordoned off for bicycles and pedestrians.  Live music I saw at the festival included Salvador Duran and Jimmy Carr and The Awkward Moments.  Salvador Duran sings Spanish language songs from Mexico, Central America and South America. Jimmy Carr and The Awkward Moments is a local fusion gypsy-folk-jazz group.

                       The stage for the live music

                             Salvador Duran

                             Characters entertaining the kids

                                                   Part of the funky nature of the festival

                                Jimmy Carr and The Awkward Moments

                                 They had a really good bugle/trumpet player.

                                       Fun for all.