Friday, May 28, 2010

Toano Mountains Morgan Basin May 26, 2010

At 9:45 on Wednesday morning, I decided to explore deeper into the Toano Mountains. I left West Wendover with my dog Nevada and drove south on Route 93. I drove approximately 15 miles and turned west onto a well-used dirt road heading towards the mountains. The weather was heavily overcast which made for a cool hike in the desert. As a result, I easily made it into an area called Morgan Basin which is about 3.7 miles one way deeper in the Bluebell Wilderness Study Area. With a beautiful 360 degree view, I ate lunch (see above photo). After lunch I explored some more shallow caves and hiked back to my car.
The mountain range is on BLM land and has many off road vehicle roads. As a result, I was hiking on ATV or rough 4 wheel drive roads. People with ATVs could drive deep into the mountains. The area is worth it because of its rocky country and mountain desert vistas.
Nevada on rock outcrop; foothills of Toanos

Nevada on road to Sidehill Spring