Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Winchell Lake East Humboldt Mountains, Nevada September 5, 2011

The sign at the beginning of the trail

Location: The trailhead for Winchell lake is located on the Angel lake road approximately 11 miles from the town of Wells, Nevada, and two miles from Angel lake. The road out of Wells is well signed and easy to follow. Angel Lake itself has a campground and is a popular spot to fish. This is my last post chronicling the trails around Angel lake itself. Other posts included the trails to Greys lake and Smyth lake.

The hike: The trail to Winchell lake is approximately eight miles long. It is moderately strenuous with the trail climbing into and out of a number of small drainages. The views east are splendid for most of the hike. After approximately two miles the trail enters the East Humboldt Wilderness. The trail is easy to follow; however, there are parts where hikers have created alternate trails through certain sections. These unincorporated side trails do come back to the main trail after a short time. The vegetation on this trail consists of Aspen in the drainages and Mountain Mohagany and scrub brush in other areas. With few trees the trail can be hot because of the lack of shade. Plan accordingly with water and sun screen. There are a number of good camping spots at Winchell lake. I have never hiked the trail from Winchell lake to Lizzie's Basin and do not know whether it has been maintained. For the more experienced hiker it looked like there were a number of good routes to scramble higher out of Winchell lake. Hiking time including stops was 4.5 hours. Winchell lake is above 10,000 feet and holds snow well into late July. Do not attempt this hike before late summer.

Classic high elevation scenery in Nevada

High mountains out of Winchell lake. Looking west.
Winchell lake itself above 10,000 feet
Nevada at Winchell lake