Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Activities at the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum June 21, 2014

                                   Tara and Quintin

Starting in June, every Saturday, the Arizona Desert Museum in Tucson has extended hours from 5-10 pm as well as special presentations and performances. This gives visitors an opportunity to see beautiful sunsets in the desert as well as come when the animals are more active. Last week the theme was "nocturnal animals" in the desert. A visit included a presentation given by the museum's education staff, Native American flutes, and stargazing. If you do go arrive early because this is a popular event.  Next week the theme is about Native Americans in the Sonoran Desert. For a full list of events at the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum please visit their website.

                               An Elf owl

                      Q and the golden glow of light at dusk

                        The beauty of the desert in the evening


                                 Ocotillos and sunset

                                 Skunk during presentation

                               Grounds lit up at night

Nighttime Visit to the Titan Missile Museum June 14, 2014

                                 Tara and Quintin inside the launch area

Three times during the summer the Titan Missile Museum in Sahuarita, Arizona, has Moonlight Madness. From 5-9 visitors can take a 30-minute tour of the launch area, watch a Mad scientist demonstration and sample space ice cream The Mad scientist demonstration included seltzer rockets as well as informative education about how an ICBM works.. When we arrived for our tour at 5:20 the temperature outside was still over 100 degrees, by 6 pm the temperature had declined to a more manageable 98 degrees. In the future we will attend the event later. Other Moonlight Madness dates include: July 12, August 9 and September 13. Cost is $7 for adults and free for children 12 years and under.  For a more comprehensive history of the Titan Missile program please visit my December 2013 post on the museum..

                             Tara and Q with the Titan in the background

                             Quintin on the grounds

                                 Quintin and I on the grounds

Mt, Guthrie Catalina Mountains June 16, 2014

               View east on the Green Mountain trail

Location: The upper Green Mountain trailhead is located at the San Pedro Vista point about 17 miles up the Catalina Highway on Mount Lemmon. Remember to park here for a day hike requires a recreational pass : $5 for a day and $20 for a year.

The hike: Today my friend Nathan and I are climbing Mt. Guthrie which at 7300 feet  provides great views  of the Rincon Mountains and the city of Tucson. The first part of the hike is on the Green Mountain trail. After climbing over the shoulder of Green Mountain the trail descends 600 feet down the eastern side. Here the views toward the east open up with hikers able to see the Galiluro Mountain range across the San Pedro Valley as well as Mt. Graham on the New Mexico border. This forest burned during the Aspen so there are many exposed sections to the sun. Bring plenty of water. A number of trails exit the Green Mountain trail in this section including the Brush Corral trail and Maverick trail. The Brush Corral trail is a long trail which descends into the San Pedro Valley. If you do take the Brush Corral trail make sure to bring a map and compass as well as plenty of water and food. Some of these trails become faint and are hard to follow. Route finding skills are a necessity. After two miles the Green Mountain trail reaches Bear Saddle. From here the summit of Mt. Guthrie is about 1.5 miles. It is in this area that Nathan and I saw a Coatimund.  This is the third one I have seen on this part of Mt. Lemmon.  Keep an eye out for them on the Green Mountain and Bug Springs trails.  The trail is easy to follow but there is one short section which requires scrambling across some exposed rock. Once on top I would move a little ways down the ridge to get a better view toward the north and east.

                     San Pedro Valley and the Galiluro Mountains in the distance

                         A picturesque tree

                           On the ridge of Mt. Guthrie

                        Looks like somebody took a bite out of this tree.
                            Just down from the San Pedro Vista Point