Sunday, February 24, 2013

Northern part of Toano Mountains of Nevada Exploration February 17, 2013

                        Looking west toward the Pequop Mountains

Location: The area I am exploring is the northern part of the Toano Mountains north of the Shafter exit on Interstate 80 in eastern Nevada.

Nevada and I spent about three hours hiking along a ATV track because it was easier walking. In the pinyon pine and sagebrush there was 10 plus inches of snow on the ground making harder walking. During our hike we met two coyote hunters out for the day who were talkative.  Later on this spring I am going to climb the mountain in photograph number three. It appeared there was a relatively easy way to the top. Enjoy my photographs and remember Nevada is a beautiful state.

                                       Nevada in the snow

                      The mountain I want to climb later in the spring. You can see the band of green to the top

                          Nevada in eastern Nevada

                     Looking west toward the Pequop Mountains and Shafter Valley.