Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thomas Canyon Ruby Mountains Nevada October 2, 2011

Fall color in the upper part of the canyon

Directions: Thomas Canyon is approximately seven miles up Lamoille Canyon outside of Spring Creek, Nevada. The trail starts from behind the Thomas Canyon Campground. The trail into Thomas Canyon is one of the overlooked hikes in the Ruby Mountains. This is a mistake because the views of the canyon are stunning, three waterfalls are viewable from the trail and the fall color of the Aspen is vibrant.

Thomas Canyon is a 4.5 mile out back, moderately strenuous hike. The main trail is well built, even though, travelers have made unincorporated trails to view waterfalls in the canyon. I lost the trail but managed to find it after forty minutes. The trail ends in the upper part of the canyon but more adventurous travelers can go off trail and summit the surrounding mountains or ridges. Fauna of the Ruby's consists of Mule deer, Mountain goats, and the introduced Himilayan Snowcock.

Waterfall in the canyon

More fall color
Beautiful color
Clear stream water

Thomas Canyon

The view back toward Lamoille Canyon

Another waterfall in the canyon

Leppy Hills trail system West Wendover, Nevada September 29, 2011

Desert scenery of the Leppy Hills

Information: The Leppy Hills are located to the north of West Wendover, Nevada. The range has many off-road driving opportunities but this is the only area devoted solely to hiking. The area was built in partnership between the city of West Wendover and the BLM. It offers three possible loops. Loop A is one mile, Loop B is 3 miles and Loop C is five miles. This is a great area to go running or take a walk whether in Nevada or traveling on I-80.

Directions: In West Wendover, Nevada, take the main road north from the City Park and Information Center. Travel under the interstate and continue driving. At the second dirt road junction turn left. The dirt road is suitable to two-wheel vehicles.
The trail system