Friday, February 6, 2015

Gadsen-Pacific Model Railroad Museum Tucson, Arizona Late January and February 2015

                      Photo taken by Tara Stauffer

Directions: The Gadsen-Pacific Model Railroad is located on Miller Road in west Tucson. From I-10 take the Prince Exit and turn east crossing the Union Pacific tracks. Drive until you reach Romero Road and turn left. Drive until you reach W Price Street and turn left again.Price Street is the industrial area of Tucson so you will be around warehouses.At the end of Price Street you will see the museum on Miller Street.

This museum is hard to find out about because they do very little advertising. Recently I have just started seeing their brochures around town. If you talk to individuals who live in Tucson most of them still have no clue their is a model railroad club in town. This is a shame because the Gadsen-Pacific is a great place for adults and kids.

The Gadsen- Pacific started as a small private organization in 1980; Historically they were located in Foothills Mall operating an O-scale layout and small HO.In 1997 the club moved to their present location.Today they have operational G-scale, Standard Gauge, S-Guage, HO, and N scale. Outside they have a larger 7 1/2 scale that kids can ride as well as a RIO Grande Caboose. They are currently building a G-scale garden railway outside. They are open on the second and fourth Sunday's of each month from 12:30 to 4:30 pm. They operate additional weekends in December, January and February. This year they will be closed in June, July and August for improvements. The Gadsen-Pacific Museum does not have an entrance fee but a donation is appreciated.  (Information from

                         HO Layout   Photo taken by Tara Stauffer

                        Quintin watching the HO layout (Taken by Tara Stauffer)

                           Great Northern Locomotive Photo taken by Tara Stauffer

                    O-Scale train (Taken by Brett Stauffer

                 O-Scale layout (Taken by Brett Stauffer)

                             O-Scale layout (Photo taken by Brett Stauffer)

                                 O-scale steam trains

                    Part of the O-scale yar

                    HO Layout trains and display


                Tara and Quintin at the S-scale layout

               S-Scale Model train

                        O-Scale layout is their bigges

                 Quintin playing with Thomas

                   HO Layout

              Picture of O-Scale layout scenery