Thursday, June 21, 2012

Journey through the Comstock Lode Silver City, Nevada June 11, 2012

                                        One of the derelict mines in town

History: Prospectors discovered silver in Silver City in 1859. Later that year settlers created a camp in the district. Silver City never attracted the same interest from Comstock mining companies because the ore was low-grade. By 1861 the town survived as a boarding place for animals used in hauling ore wagons from Comstock mines to the mills in Carson River. Silver City also had Nevada's first iron works in the state along with 8 mills with a total of 95 stamps.

The town started to decline in 1869 but just like Dayton it has never become a true ghost town for a number of reasons. While the building of the Virginia and Truckee Railroad robbed Silver City of its freighting business, the town still had a number of important mills processing the ore. Also companies continued to mine silver in the district. In fact, the Silver City is the only Comstock town which has seen milling or mining continuously since 1860.

                           Pretty headframe directly outside of town

         Crumbling building in town
                       Picturesque crumbling building in town

                      Interesting pic
                      Below: Abandoned car

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