Sunday, June 24, 2012

Journey through the Comstock Lode Silver Terrace Cemetery Virginia City

The Silver Terrace Cemetery is located in the heart of Virgina City. It is easy to find by following signs from main street in town. In the 1800s Silver Terrace was one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the Comstock District with manicured landscapes, planted trees and flowers. It is organized into ten sections including the Catholic Section, Order of Oddfellows, Masons, Pacific Coast Pioneers, and Exempt Fireman.

 Since the early 1900s neglect started to take its toll. Today many parts are overgrown with weeds and headstones have fallen over. Presently, there is a foundation called the "Comstock Cemetery Association" which is restoring the cemetery back to former glory. The Cemetery is big so pace yourself and bring water to drink. The following pictures are some of my favorites from the visit.

                                  A headstone in the Mason's section


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