Thursday, June 21, 2012

Journey through the Comstock Lode Gold Hill, Nevada June 11, 2012

                               Me and Nevada near Virginia and Truckee tracks at Gold Hill

Directions: I continue my journey through the Comstock Lode with a stop at Gold Hill.  Gold Hill is located 3/4 of a mile south of Virginia City in the Comstock Lode Historic District. The town is easy to get to from Highway 50.

History:  In 1859 as news of the discovery spread throughout the west, large groups of settlers arrived at Gold Hill to make money. At first the new arrivals lived in temporary shelters made from canvas tents, potato sacks and blankets. It wasn't until much later that Gold Hill had permanent structures.

Gold Hill soon rivaled Virginia City because of the construction of the Virginia and Truckee Railroad as well as the opening of more mines to the south. The construction of the railroad facilitated the transport of ore to mills along the Carson River. Ore no longer traveled by wagon trains. Increased mining activity directly to the south at  the Crown Point, Belcher and Yellow Jacket mines cemented Gold Hill's importance to the Comstock Lode. By 1873 Gold Hill had public and private schools, a town hall, banks, lodges and churches. These mines continued to produce until 1878 when production slowed and the town started a slow decline.

Today there is an increased push to mine in the area. In fact a strip mine is opening near Silver City, Nevada. Talking to folks in town it is widely known that there are still rich deposits left in the hills. The new mine has become a source of controversy to the area residents with some supporting it while other residents oppose strip mining. (Information from Nevada Ghost Towns and Mining Camps by Stanley Paher).


                         Downtown Gold Hill today

                                             Historic structure in Gold Hill

                                          Mining remains in Gold Hill

                                   Gold Hill mercantile

                                          Mine hoist near Cabin 18; reportedly haunted

                                          Picturesque mining structure

                                Mine that you can walk up to. Respect property and do not climb on anything.
                                                    Below: Ladder to nowhere

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