Saturday, January 25, 2014

Gates Pass Exploration Tucson Mountains January 20, 2014

                         Tucson Mountains above Gates Pass

After lunch on Martin Luther King Day I drove up to Gates Pass in the Tucson Mountains to do some hiking and photograph the Tucson Mountains. There are few trails at Gates Pass but I was able to scramble up to the top of small mountains using unofficial trails (as a result I do not know length or elevation gain). I do not usually go off-trail because it encourages the creation of illegal trails and accelerates erosion in the mountains. Respect wildlife and plant life. Hiking around I did see a disturbing amount of trash some of which I picked up. Enjoy our wild lands but please pack it out.

                     Tucson Mountains looking toward Saguaro Park West

           Extremely windy Gates Pass Road

                       Gates Pass Road at the summit

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