Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Panther Wash Saguaro National Park West November 2, 2013

                  Upper part of wash

After hiking Wasson Peak it was early afternoon so I decided to check out Panther Wash off of Picture Rocks Road near Contzen Pass. In the desert washes often make for great hiking because they often offer a flat surface to hike on. Panther Wash is about 1.9 miles one way until it reaches Roadrunner trail. Today I hiked about two miles round trip before calling it a day. The highlight of the hike was definitely the magnificent Saguaro cactus I saw. Check out my photos below.

Special Consideration: Do not hike washes during the monsoon season or if rain is a possibility. Flooding is a distinct possibility. Some washes might also have rock obstacles for you to climb over.

                                One of the grandest Saguaros I have ever seen.

                                  Picture looking up trunk.

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