Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Tree Hunting Dolly Varden Mountains December 2, 2012

                             Tara and Denin family in Dolly Varden Mountains

In early December Tara and I went Christmas tree hunting in the Dolly Varden Mountains of Nevada with the Denin family. The Dolly Varden Mountains are an isolated mountain range in eastern Nevada off of US 93 Alt. This range has many perspective Christmas trees large and small. It was also Quintin's first Christmas tree hunt.

Location: Drive south of West Wendover, Nevada, on US 93 Alt approximately 25 miles until a dirt road exits to the north with a small sign with Dolly Varden on it. Continue on this dirt road in the valley until another dirt road branches off to the south directly into the mountain range. There are many dirt roads in this area so a map or GPS is advised.

                              Scenery in Dolly Vardens

                 High desert scenery looking south towards Goshutes
                       Pretty pic of Denin's and mountain scenery

                              Quintin, Tara and I with our small apartment Christmas tree

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