Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Twin Lakes Pass and above Cardiff Pass July 22, 2011

Beautiful Penstemon in the Wasatch

After hiking up Maybird Gulch and seeing how much snow there was; I decided to pick a south facing spot for my second hike. I chose to hike out of Alta towards Twin Lakes Pass and Brighton Ski Resort in Big Cottonwood Canyon. I started out hiking towards Cardiff Pass at the base off Little Superior; however, after 2 miles the trail peetered out before it reached the ridge between Little Cottonwood and Big Cottonwood Canyons. I then hiked back down towards the town of Alta before finding the trail to Twin Lakes Pass and Brighton. This particular trail was very steep gaining elevation quickly towards Twin Lakes Pass. I wanted to get high in elevation to see awesome views; so I veered off the trail and climbed to the top of the ridge above Twin Lakes Pass. The hike gave me great views of Snowbird and Alta and into Big Cottonwood Canyon but the abundance of wildflowers was not the same from a year ago. To the east I could see Sunset Peak and Mt. Wolverine and to the west I could see the Pfeifferhorn, Twin Peaks and Mt. Baldy at Alta. Warning! This area has many illegal hiking trails which causes confusion. The Forest Service needs to do some trail reclamation in this part of the Wasatch.
Penstemon and Paintbrush

Infusion of Penstemon

Looking toward Big Cottonwood Canyon

The beautiful view to the west; showing the high peaks around Snowbird.

Cool tree in the high country

Lone tree with blue sky.

High country of the Wasatch.

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