Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sprucemountain, Nevada August 12, 2010

Old cabin on the upper part of the mountain

Today I returned to Sprucemountain to explore more of the extensive mining remnants of the area, especially the historic Ada and Bullshead mines (for driving directions refer to my May post). I arrived after nine in the morning and hiked passed the Monarch mine ruins seeing some of the ruins of the Ada mine high up on the mountain. The weather was spectacular with 80 degree temps and clear blue skies. On the upper parts of the mountain I could clearly see the Ruby range to the west and the Pequop and Goshute ranges to the east. Remember all Nevada desert is rattlesnake country so be vigilant. Also be careful around all historic mining remnants.

Looking west high toward the Ruby range

Beautiful mountain desert scenery

Stereotypical Nevada: Sagebrush with mountains

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