Thursday, August 19, 2010

Island Lake Ruby Mountains August 14, 2010

Location: The trail to Island Lake starts from Road's end trailhead in Lamoille Canyon. It is extremely easy to find. The trail is good for beginning to intermediate hikers because it is easy to follow and only two miles one way to the lake. Be advised that the trail has nine switchbacks and no shade. Bring plenty of water and sunscreen.
The hike: Today I left my car at 8:30 am and blitzed the two miles to the lake. Remembering how beautiful the lake was from the top, I continued hiking until I had a great view and relative solitude. Because it was a Saturday the lake had already gotten crowded with two backpacking groups and a 15 member Boy Scout group. On the way down I passed 10+ groups and the parking lot was overflowing. If a hiker wants to escape the crowds hike the Rubies on a weekday or wait for school to start.

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