Monday, June 12, 2017

Gem and Mineral Show Tucson, Arizona February 2017

                          Beautiful table at Kino location

Every year Tucson, Arizona, hosts the largest gem and mineral show in the United States. The show lasts for about two weeks with about 50 locations around town. If you are a vendor or buyer you can find pretty much anything from azurite to quartzite. This year I discovered the show has many fossils along with dinosaur skeletons. The problem is that many of the vendors can be pushy about buying something and there are many knockoff fossils. However, if you do want to buy earrings or a gem good buys can be had. The following photos are from three different locations at the show: Kino, 22nd Street and the fossil COOP.

The following photos are from Kino location which has four large tents, food and hundreds of sellers.

                             Sea Horse illuminated with light


                                                 Mineral displays

                                          Big Trilobite fossils


The next group of photos is from 22nd Street which is known for its fossils and dinosaur bones.

                                    Dinosaur skeleton

                                   Dinosaur bone

             Moroccan Cretacious dinosaur skulls

                  T-Rex with prey. I am pretty sure this was staged because it would be a rare find to have a T-Rex with prey in its mouth preserved.

                   American Mastadon tusk

                        Romanian Cave Bear

                                        Meteorite from Russia

                          Triceratops head for $225,000

                     Water dinosaur


The next photos are from the COOP off of Stone Avenue.

                   Whole skeleton. Don't want to back up without looking

                                   Wooly Mammoth

                             Leaf fossils with another dinosaur skeleton
                              Love this fish

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