Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Phoneline Trail and Sabino Creek Loop December 6, 2013

                  Sabino Creek riparian area

Friday afternoon the weather was gorgeous so I drove to Sabino Canyon to hike a short 3.5 mile loop before dark. I love hiking in Sabino Canyon in the evening because the sunset and last light on the Catalina Mountains is beautiful. (It is important to note that mountain lions are very active at dusk so be careful around rock overhangs). After a mile walking on the Phone line Trail a connector trail departs on the left descending down to Sabino Creek. This trail is rocky with moderate elevation gain.  It is important to note that during periods of high water it is impossible to cross Sabino Creek without a bridge. Today the creek was high so I followed the Sabino Creek trail and then  worked my way along its bank until I reached the Bear Canyon Shuttle Road. Some of the cottonwoods and willows had orange and yellow leaves adding to the beauty of the area.

             White-tailed deer

                                    Sunlight glow in the Catalina Mountains

                                  Back lit shrub. I love using this technique in the afternoon.

                 Glow on canyon walls in Sabino Canyon.

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