Friday, May 17, 2013

Buffalo Point Sunset Hike Antelope Island State Park May 11, 2013

                                       Me with the wonderful scenery

General Information: To see the sunset I hiked out the Buffalo Point Trail. This trail is about a 1.5 round trip. Benches are located along the trail making it suitable for families. There are a few steeper sections where it is necessary to watch your footing. This trail is not hard to follow making for minimal navigation skills. Even though it was warm I wore a long sleeve shirt and pants to keep the insects from biting me. If you visit the island during the spring I would suggest wearing a head net. Enjoy my photos of the sunset.

                     Looking south from Buffalo Point

                                Looking north with photography crew in the distance

                              Great photo looking west

                            Sunset framed by rocks

          A crew photographing a famous opera singer

                             One of my favorite sunset photos

                                 Looking north late in the day

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