Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Leppy Peak Hike Eastern Nevada March 16, 2013


Location and hike: The Leppy Hills are located to the north of West Wendover. This range is overlooked because it has sparse vegetation and travelers want to hike other more picturesque ranges. However, on my various hikes I have seen great views, caves, interesting rock formations and Bighorn Sheep. A hiker has to be willing to hike off-trail or on ATV trails not on traditional hiking trails.  Today I am hiking on the highest peak: Leppy Peak at almost 3,000 feet. It is impossible for me to describe the route because it is entirely off-trail.  Be careful when hiking off-trail and remember to use common sense. Today I was rewarded with watching eleven Desert Bighorn Sheep for over an hour. Enjoy some of my favorite pictures from the hike. It was amazing how nimble the sheep were on extremely rocky and steep terrain.

                                  Looking south from on the ridge of Leppy Peak

                         Looking north toward Silverzone Pass

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