Saturday, July 29, 2017

Hunter's Cabin, Swan Mountains July 14, 2017

                                   View north from the Hunter's Cabin

This post is one of six related to a Montana trip in July of 2017.

The second hike I took in Montana was to Hunter's Cabin and an overlook on private land.  Next to where my wife's family live on Swan Lake are the Westerman's and they know the land owner and have permission to walk on the land. As a result, I will be giving no information on how to access this hike. The hike was about four miles round trip and the first destination was Hunter's Cabin which is a group of cabins that have a fantastic view of the Swan Mountains and valley. The second destination is a rocky overlook with views of Swan Lake and surrounding forests. To date this was the longest hike my son has been on so I was very proud of him at the end.

                    At the overlook looking across at the Swan Range

                 Q and I at the overlook

               A fantastic view

                Another picture at the Hunter's Cabin

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