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Museum of Mini Time Machines Tucson, Arizona January 6, 2015

                                   Miniature birds

Last summer while hiking on Mount Lemmon a visitor made a glowing recommendation for the Museum of Mini Time Machines in Tucson. He told me that surprisingly the museum was delightful for grownups as well as children. After the holiday season I decided it was time to visit. I arrived at the museum at 10 am in the morning. The museum costs about $9 per person while children under three are free (for individuals who want to visit multiple times they do offer various memberships). Miniatures are grouped into three different areas according to theme. These include the History Gallery, Enchanted Room (fantasy-themed) and Exploring the World. All together there are approximately 300 antique and contemporary dollhouses each with very detailed scenes in each one. The Enchanted Room was Quintin's favorite part of the museum because some of the displays were at his level. He became bored with some of the other displays because they were higher up. For me I enjoyed many of the displays in the History Gallery and Exploring the World. There is no food or drink in the galleries which can be an  inconvenience for visitors with young kids because of the constant need to exit the galleries.

The Museum of Mini Time Machines is located east on Fort Lowell Road (toward the Rincon Mountains). After 3 1/4 miles the road becomes Camp Lowell Drivel, The museum is on the left side of the road just passed Columbus Boulevard. It is open Tuesday-Sunday and closed Monday.(Information from

                    Quintin at the holiday display

                            Another good one of Q

                 Display in the Exploring the World section

                                      Industrial Revolution

                            My favorite house in the museum. A french chateau.

                      Miniatures from Thailand

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