Monday, October 11, 2010

Lucin, Utah October 11, 2010

The Union Pacific in Lucin today

Location: Lucin, Utah, is located on the western side of the great Salt Lake. To get to the ghost town from Interstate 80 take State Route 233 through Montello, Nevada crossing into Utah. The road becomes SR 30 in Utah. The turnoff for the ghost town is approx. ten miles from the border. Five miles before the town you cross the historic rail bed of the Central Pacific (original transcontinental route). This is a true ghost town with no services. PLAN accordingly!!!
History: Lucin originated in the 1860s, 10 miles to the north, to water steam engines on the Central Pacific. The town moved in 1903 to its present location to service trains on the Lucin cutoff. At its heighth the town was mainly inhabited by railroad workers on the Central Pacific and later Southern Pacific. The town was first abandoned in 1936 but resettled by retired railroad workers in the 1960s. The last family left in 1990. Today, the area is managed by the Utah Department of Wildlife as a wildlife sanctuary. Hundreds of species of wildlife use the pond including: migrating songbirds, hawks and owls (Info from Wikipedia and informative sign in Lucin).

The pond (fed by four inch pipe from Pilot Range)

Another pic of the sanctuary

Abandoned cellar

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