Friday, July 26, 2013

Arizona State Museum Tucson, Arizona July 11, 2013

                                        A big basket on display at the museum

Located on the University of Arizona campus on University BLVD is the Arizona State Museum (ASM). This museum centers on the Native Americans of Northern Mexico and the Southwestern United States. The museum has two primary exhibits. The first gives information on 10 tribes in the region including the Seri of Mexico, Apache of Arizona, Southern Paiute of Nevada and Utah, the Tohono O' Odohan of Arizona and the Navaho. The second exhibit is centered around the impressive basket and pottery collection of the museum. In fact the ASM has over 10,000 baskets and pottery pieces from different tribes only a fraction of which are on display. Currently renovations are underway to store the artifacts under proper environmental conditions.

General Information: ASM is open everyday of the week from 10-5 except for Sunday. It costs $5 per person. I spent two hours in the museum making it very cost effective. A gift shop sells an impressive array of books on Native American history.

                          Assorted baskets on display. Love the designs of the basket.

                                      Big basket in the shape of a vase

                             Some of the tribes in Southern Arizona showing past and present home ranges

                                A display about some of the peoples who lived on the Colorado River

                        Southern Paiute known as the "Children of the Coyote"

                       Photo depicting the Skeleton Cave Massacre in 1972

                                          The Seri of Northern Mexico relied on the ocean for everything: food, transportation, and tools.

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