Thursday, June 20, 2013

Deseret Peak, Western Utah June 16, 2013

                          Looking south from the top

Location: The Stansbury Mountains are located in Western Utah near Tooele. The three main trailheads are at North Willow, South Willow and West Canyon. To get to the Deseret Peak trailhead take Route 138 off of I-180 to Grantsville, Utah. In Grantsville turn onto South Willow Road. For more detailed instructions please consult my posts on South Willow Lake (9-18-2010) and Deseret Peak (8/24/2011).

Later this month I am moving to Tucson, Arizona. Before I go I wanted to re-experience three hikes which highlight the beauty of Western Utah and Eastern Nevada. This loop was chosen because of its stunning scenery and wildflowers. (Trails involved in the loop: Mill Fork to the top, then the Crest Trail to Pockets Fork, down the Pockets Fork to The South Willow Lake Trail and finally back to the trailhead on the South Willow Lake Trail). Today the trails were easy to follow with some snow in the upper part of Mill Fork and in the Pockets Fork. There were no clouds so I would suggest carrying a sun hat and plenty of water. A map is also an essential item. Remember it is easier to burn in higher elevations. Hiking time: 6.5 hours, total distance approximately 8 miles, 3000 feet elevation gain to top.

              Looking north up the Stansbury Mountains with the Great Salt Lake in the distance.

                           East from the top

                              Another view east

                                     Alpine flowers with scenery

                               Me on top

                           Profusion  of wildflowers

                                  Looking toward Grantsville

                                            Alpine wildflowers

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