Monday, July 18, 2011

July 7, 2011 B-39 Russian Submarine San Diego Maritime Park

Tara inside the submarine looking through an opening

While in San Diego, Tara and I visited the Maritime Museum downtown. It is big with approximately eight ships that you can board. The ships you can see include: Star of India, Berkeley, Medea, Californian, HMS Surprise, Dolphin and Foxtrot B-39. Each ship has displays about its history complete with historical maps. For this blog I am going to talk about the B-39 attack Submarine because of my fascination with Russian history.
History: The Russian B-39 is a long-range Foxtrot Class attack sub. This ship was built in Leningrad, Russia, in 1974. This class of submarine was charged with surveillance and attacking shipping during the Coldwar.
Specifications: i. 299 feet in length
ii. Capable of diving to 985 feet
iii. Powered by three diesel engines each with 2000 horsepower; the ship has three propellers.
iiii. Crew of 74 highly trained sailors.
iv. Armed with torpedos and mines.
Some of the quarters for the enlisted men. They slept wherever.
One of the huge doors which could be used to seal off a part of the sub in case of emergency. Looking out of the Torpedo room.
Button controls inside sub with russian writing.
Inside the control room
Another pic inside the control room showing its complexity.
The Captain's quarters. The pic below shows the outside of the ship.

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