Friday, February 21, 2014

Starr Pass Redemption February 20, 2014

                                                      Ocotillo in bloom with mountain in background

With my Master's Classes in full swing it is rare I get out for a weekday hike. Today I joined my cousin (Franak) and her twin sister Jasmine for a hike to Starr Pass. I rarely see Jasmine so it was great to spend time with her before she flew back to West Virginia this weekend. Part of me wanted to also atone for the embarrassment of getting turned around here in January with my cousin and having to have a mountain biker lead us back to the trail head. This area is tough because there are many illegal trail that are not marked on maps. Even though we were paying attention to all the trail junctions on the way back we did get off on a secondary trail which thankfully looped back to the main Star Pass trail. Total mileage for the hike was about 5 miles.

                               Trail sign with Tucson Mountains scenery

                                 Popeyes in the desert

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