Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sabino Canyon Sabino Canyon Recreation Area November 5, 2013

                          Sun on the canyon walls

After Tara returned from teaching, I drove up to Sabino Canyon to explore Sabino Canyon. I overlooked Sabino Canyon because it has a road in it and wanted "real hiking." I left the parking lot at 4:30 pm and hiked a mile on the trail toward Esperero Canyon and Sabino Canyon Road. Once I reached the road  I walked it into the canyon. During the day shuttles transport people to upper part of the canyon so watch for them between 8 and 5pm. I turned around and hiked out in the dark enjoying the last light of the day. Enjoy my pictures of the evening hike. Overall I hiked about 4.5 miles with no route finding.

                       Glow on mountains in the upper part of the canyon

                      Last light of day

                                       Why I love the desert in the evening. Saguaros, sky and the moon

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