Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bisbee, Arizona Evergreen Cemetery April 1, 2013

                                        Memorial to a Veteran of the forgotten Korean War

Location: Evergreen cemetery is located in Lowell, Arizona, (a couple of miles from old Bisbee), off of Douglas Road. The small town became seperated from Bisbee when miners excavated the Lavender Pit. The cemetery is located across from the high school. It is a big cemetery and easy to find when you turn onto Douglas Road.

Wondering among the graves I was surprised at what I found. Bisbee had many immigrants from England and Wales as well as Eastern Europe who came to work in the copper mines. I did not find many of these gravesites. I did find dozens of war veteran graves. I found graves of veterans from the Spanish American War, Civil War, World War I, World War II, Vietnam War and Korean War.  I always enjoy visiting cemeteries because they augment local and national history. Included in this post are some of my favorite pictures from the visit.

                             Veteran of the Vietnam War

                          Veteran of the Civil War

                              Memorial to those who died off Guadalcanal in 1942

                                 Immigrant from Ireland. As noted above immigrants were instrumental in working mines throughout the west

                           Grave for Clarence Warner

                     Memorial to James H. Brew who was shot in his home in Bisbee, Arizona, after he shot one of four guys who came to force him back to work during the labor unrest of 1917.

                               Immigrant of Aberdeen, Scotland

                                     Veteran of the Spanish American war

                               Headstone written in a Slavic language

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