Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Virginia City, Nevada Chollar Mine July 14, 2012

                              Stamp used in a mill
Tara and I returned to Virginia City, Nevada, to tour the Chollar Mine. The Chollar Mine, later Chollar-Potosi mine, was one of the best producing mines in Virginia City. While operational miners blasted over $17 million in gold and silver. Today the mine is a popular tour in Virginia City. For seven dollars (two for children) visitors are taken 400 feet into the main tunnel.  Information provided on the tour consisted of the history of Virginia City, the concept of square-set timbering, and what mining was like in the 1800s. Visitors see an impressive array of old mining equipment including drills, headframes, and ore carts. I would recommend this tour to anyone visiting Virginia City. Other posts on Virginia City include Queen of the Comstock Lode and the Silver Terrace Cemetery.(Information from and

                               Headframe on the grounds
                                Ore chute
                                Mine walkway with yellow ventilation
                Tara and I outside mine
                                  Ore cart with surrounding desert
Below; Tara next to stamp used at one of the local mines

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