Friday, July 27, 2012

Cascade Falls July 17, 2012

                                               One of the smaller cascades at the falls

Location: Today's hike starts at Bayview Campground on the western side of Lake Tahoe. The trail to Cascade Falls starts at the back of the campground. A trolley from South Tahoe stops at the Emerald Bay Overlook. It is only three dollars for a trip and a great way to keep from fighting the tourist traffic at the lake.

 I chose an easier hike today because Nevada was sore from yesterday's hike to Aloha Lake. The hike to Cascade Falls is a 1.4 miles roundtrip with minimal elevation gain. It is perfect for families with small children who want to introduce their kids to hiking. The hike is beautiful with great views of Cascade Lake and Lake Tahoe. Be advised the last 0.4 to the falls is rocky.

                               Cascade Lake with Lake Tahoe in the background
                                          Scenery around Cascade Lake

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