Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pony Express Reenactment at Mormon Station Genoa, Nevada June 14, 2012

                                         Riders at Mormon Station

Every year the Pony Express Association does an annual reride along the oringal Pony Express route from St. Joseph, Missouri, to Sacremento, California. On even years the ride travels east while on odd years it travels west. The reride is a ten day reenactment of the delivery of mail along the historic 1,966  mile route. During the reride over 500 horses and riders travel about two to three miles a piece while wearing traditional clothing. This is alot less than the 75-100 miles the horses rode during the orginal Pony Express days. For many communities along the Pony Express route this is a big summer event with parades and festivities. Supporting events like this keep our history alive for future generations. (Information from

On this particular day I am watching the exchanging of the mochilla at Mormon Station in Genoa, Nevada. Mormon Station was a stop between Friday Station at Lake Tahoe and Carson City, Nevada. The event started with riders carrying flags representing the eight states the Pony Express passed through followed by the rider carrying the mochilla.

                                               A rider carrying the United States flag
                                               Riders carrying flags representing some of the states
                                         Riders representing the Pony Epress at Mormon Station
                                 Pony Express rider coming in
                                         Exchanging of the mochilla; Below rider leaves for Carson City

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